1. Expertise

-When you want to learn a new language… You go to a language teacher. 
-When you are sick…. You go to the doctors. 
-When you have goals to achieve in sport and fitness… You go to a COACH.

Coaches have years of expertise in their field of study from their education, their career and their personal experience. Top level coaches will have extensive knowledge of age and goal appropriate training plans, training periodization, sport specific skills and techniques, sports psychology, sports nutrition, physiology of the body, and much more.

  1. Tailored for You

Why not use generic programmes on the internet? Yes, these programmes will probably increase your fitness levels. But they could ultimately cause more harm than good because they are not tailored to you, your goals and fitness level. If you follow a programme that is too advanced for you, this could cause an injury. Online coaches will analyze your base fitness level and speak to you about what your overall goals are, before building a structured programme to help you to achieve these goals.

  1. Adaptability

Some people have a demanding work schedule or family commitments. This is not a reason to stop you from looking to achieve your goals. An online coach can adapt your training plan to meet the requirements of your schedule.

  1. Data Analysis

We live in a world of technology, where we have stats for everything. CSS, FTP, HRM… but what does it all mean and is it important? The science (and statistics) behind sport and fitness is crucial in helping you achieve your goals, this is why you have a coach to support you in the analysis and to help explain to you what this all means.

  1. Motivation and Accountability

Having an off week? Looking for reasons not to complete your training on any given day? Your coach is there to listen to your struggles and motivate you towards achieving your ultimate goal. 

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