The best investment you can possibly make in triathlon is a coach. With Richard as my coach, in 4 months I went from “just happy to finish” to winning my age group. I achieved a huge PB and qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship.

When I first discovered triathlon, I trained mostly alone. Over the years I have realised that triathletes are so much better together. Joining a triathlon club and getting yourself a coach are the two best things you can do in the sport. If you invest money in a new bike or new trainers to help you improve, why wouldn’t you want to invest in someone who can really help you achieve your dreams. Going to the world championships could easily change from a dream to a reality with Tri2 coaching.

My story…

I am a big believer that often things happen for a reason and sometimes the timing works out perfectly. After two years of partying hard in Singapore and trying to keep up my sport on the side, I decided to make a change. I wanted to tone down the partying and see what would happen if I trained for triathlon properly to reach my full potential. Just around this time, I also met Richard!

He coached me from novice to age group winner at Xiamen Ironman 70.3 in less than 4 months.

I bought a tri bike and a turbo trainer, started to learn what the numbers on my Garmin watch meant and how they would help me train and race. It was a steep but incredible learning curve. I could not believe the difference having a coach made. There were tears and doubts along the way but I had someone by my side. The first time I got down into aero position on my tri bike, I was terrified and realised that I didn’t know how to get back up onto my normal handlebars. Meanwhile, running has always been my least favourite discipline but soon I started to see my pace and stamina improve week by week and my feelings changed. I learnt how to draft in swimming and braved open water in a way I never had before. I began to identify both my strengths and weaknesses whilst Rich showed me how to work on all the different aspects of the sport. 

I fell in love with triathlon and I fell in love with him. We went from coach and student to boyfriend and girlfriend. ***2023 Update – Husband and wife, Mum and dad!

Triathlon might be an individual sport but we are so much better together!

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