At Tri2 we are very lucky to have sponsors and ambassador partnerships with the companies that we like to use regularly ourselves. We thank them for continuing to support us in our dream to turn professional!

Check out the details on our partners below…




EZDisc Disc Covers give you the aerodynamic benefits of a disc wheel at a much much lower price!

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Neuff Red

“UK’s new triathlon and endurance specialist created by triathletes, for triathletes.  Born out of a desire to help athletes navigate the maze of products, nutrition and training approaches to find their own optimum solution,

We offer excellent hand-picked gear for beginners through to masters, as well as a team of athletes, coaches and specialists offering insights and support. 

If even one athlete achieves their dreams without injury, over-training or cupboards full of not-quite-right kit, we will have achieved our goal!”


Xendurance aim is to develop all-natural, drug-free product, which improve an athlete’s performance by improving both aerobic and lactate acid threshold. They recognise that athletes not only benefit from performance products but also to protect their health and immune systems from the trauma of rigorous training schedules. With that in mind, Xendurance continuously expands the product line of power-packed multi-vitamins, omega and joint formulas, protein and electrolyte drinks, with unique formulas backed by science.

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Recovery Systems – Compression Recovery Machines

Recovery Systems have products for home use with the Leg Pneumatic Recovery Compression System which employs the inflating and deflating of air that fills the leg sleeves. The repeated process of squeezing and releasing of the leg sleeves speed up the elimination of swelling which is a classic symptom post workout. Aside from faster removal of waste products and delivery of fresh nutrients for faster healing and recovery, it also improves joint awareness, movement efficiency, and more importantly a reduction of soreness, getting you ready for action again, sooner.

Ambassador 10% Discount code – RICHF10