The biggest news for our triathlon coaching team is a new addition to our family. On the 15th April 2023 our baby boy, Raif, was born in Dubai, arriving just 6 hours after his mum’s birthday. As husband and wife, we have entered a new, different and incredible chapter of our lives. We have definitely packed a lot of change into the last decade (whether moving between continents or quitting our jobs for a year and training triathlon full time) but this must surely be the biggest and best change.

Our little man is the light of our lives and, within our personal life, our priorities have definitely shifted. We continue to train and live a life of health and fitness, but the goalposts have changed. We have accepted that, we cannot train as much as we used to. Like many of our athletes, we have to work around our current circumstances and set realistic targets. Our usual aims to podium at races and hit PBs are on hold for a short while as we adjust to this new chapter. Training and races are currently for pure enjoyment and socialising.

6 days old and our first trip out of the house

Despite all this change, our love of triathlon still burns brightly. We are incredibly excited by all the new athletes onboard in 2023. Coaching is all about helping people find balance in their lives and enable them to train consistently around their unique set of personal circumstances. As parents, our coaching has only improved, as we are able to understand and empathise deeper with many of our athletes that have families and different commitments. As a mother, Sophie has a wealth of new knowledge and experience of what it means to train postpartum.

As we celebrate our 2 year anniversary this week, we were happy as Tri2, but we are so happy as Tri3. As we travel the UK introducing our new addition to family and friends, we feel very blessed and grateful. Special thanks to all our athletes that allow us to do what we love. We love being a part of your triathlon journeys.

A full postpartum recovery blog post can be saved for another day but it is safe to say that Sophie is now on her long journey back to fitness. Struggling with hyperemesis gravidarium (severe morning sickness) the first 6 months and severe pelvic pain in the final 3 months, she was unable to train in the way she had imagined throughout pregnancy. The first 8 weeks post C-section surgery were about recovery and gentle walks. Since then swimming and cycling daily have been her saviour. Back in the UK for the summer, she has been increasing her stamina and endurance through long walks and feels closer to her old self each day. Pregnancy and childbirth takes a huge toll on a woman’s body and it is so important to be patient during the road to recovery.

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